Ryan Collingwood

Boundary spanner between Business and IT concerns. My journey thus far has been: IT Support, Quality Assurance, Software Developer, Business Analyst, and Data Analyst. Everyday I practise a bit of all this to deliver pragmatic and maintainable solutions.

Current focus is Data Science, from the wrangling, modeling, sampling, digging for insights, and the all important communication of insights and further actions.

  • Data Wrangling and Analysis - Python, Spark (Pyspark), Pandas, Jupyter, PowerBI, R, SQL Server, SSIS, Neo4j, MongoDB, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Reporting Services,

  • Analysis - Requirements Analysis, Facilitating Workshops, Use Cases, Data Modeling, Entity Relationship Diagrams, UML, Business Process Modelling, Cognitive Modelling

  • Planning – Certified Scrum Master, Project Planning and Estimation, Stakeholder Management

  • Software Development - Amazon Web Services, Python C#, Node.js, PHP, Delphi (Object Pascal),Sharepoint, TCL, Lua

You can find me here: